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Episode #310: The BEST Example of Rent-to-Rent Success I’ve Ever Seen, with Katrina Jones


Here’s a sneak peek at what discussed this time:

Today I’m delighted to welcome Katrina Jones back to the show. It’s been 4 years since she was first on the podcast and a lot has changed for her in that time.

She still controls a sizeable rent to rent portfolio but takes a more hands-off approach now as her superstar team look after most of the day to day responsibility.

During our chat we get a chance to find out more about Katrina’s thoughts on the rent to rent market in 2020, the continued growth of her own portfolio, how she found and built a team she can rely on 100% to look after her business, and why she decided that being a lifestyle entrepreneur was more important than the constant pursuit of bigger profits.

5:03 Katrina shares what prompted the start of her journey – overcoming social anxiety and reinventing herself
9:15 How she choose R2R as her starting strategy
12:46 Addressing the negative connotations of R2R and Katrina’s opinion on what a good size R2R portfolio is
14:45 The people whom have had the biggest influence on Katrina’s life and career.
16:47 How to get the right people when hiring. Focus on what motivates them.
20:00 An overview of her business and how its grown since we last spoke. A change of direction for Kendall Bailey
22:00 Moving on from R2R – building an asset portfolio alongside.
24:55 Landlords don’t take their properties back on R2R
27:00 Some of the biggest misconceptions of R2R
28:00 Covid- 19 how to find positives through all the negatives
37:00 What is a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” and how understanding this changed Katrina’s mindset
41:00 What success looks like to Katrina
46:20 The R2R Success Series – an 8 week free series from Katrina

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The Rent to Rent Success Series

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Follow Katrina’s story on Instagram @katrina_jones_01

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