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Episode #411: From Hairdressing to Housing Providers: Laura’s Leap Into Supported Living

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A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a masterclass on supported living.

I’ll be honest—I’m far from an expert in supported living, with my knowledge mostly coming from quick Google searches.

That’s why I invited a good friend and an expert in the field, Chris Bermit, to lead the content for that day.

While I took on the role of host, the real insights came from Chris, especially when he introduced us to Laura Ackers, today’s special guest.

Before this masterclass, I hadn’t met Laura, but her presentation on supported living was nothing short of inspiring.

She shared her experiences and detailed a specific deal that captivated everyone listening.

It was then I knew we had to have her share her story with all of you on the podcast.

Laura has achieved an incredible amount in a relatively short period.

Starting with some experience in renovating her own home, she found herself focusing more on property after being furloughed from her sales role in the hairdressing industry in 2020 due to COVID.

Starting with single lets, she quickly moved into HMOs, dedicating all her time to this new venture.

Her success allowed her to retire her husband, Dan, from the corporate world within just a couple of years.

Now, with a mix of professional HMOs that she self-manages, and a growing supported living portfolio, Laura has built a significant business in just three years.

In today’s episode, Laura shares details and insights on how she developed her business, offering valuable lessons for all of us.

I’m thrilled to have her here and I’m sure you’ll enjoy what she has to say.

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