085: An introduction to property planning with Linda Wright, superstar planning consultant and owner of PLANiTWRIGHT



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Linda Wright PlanitWrightLinda is a chartered town planner and the owner of PLANiTWRIGHT – an independent planning consultancy and development service. She has spent her 30 year career in planning in both the private and public sectors, during which time she’s seen and dealt with virtually all planning problems.

In 2010 she formed the independent planning consultancy PLANiTWRIGHT to offer professional planning services to private clients, and has developed a real niche throughout the property investor circles, regularly speaking at networking events and advising on some of the most exciting developments across the UK.

Today she is joining us to give some advice, based on her decades of experience, on the planning process, how it works and how to maximise value from your property deals whether they’re flips, new builds, HMOs or change of use, so there really is some advice for everyone.

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Investing Strategies

Linda is not a property investor, but has built up a wealth of knowledge from her long service in the world of planning – helping her clients (typically property investors and developers like us, as well as private residential owners) create value from property through changing use, extending, building and tranforming all different types of land and buildings.

Biggest Success

One of Linda’s favourite projects was the conversion of a care-home in Newcastle. The project started off badly as the plans had been done incorrectly, so by the time Linda got involved the only option was to withdraw the application – something she never normally recommends. Through her expertise and an element of perserverance, she was able to take a property that looked dodgy to begin with and ensure that planning was granted.

Biggest Difficulty

Linda’s success rate is around 95%, so she does acknowledge that some projects just aren’t destined to get approved. There are no reasons for not getting planning that recur more than others, but some of the mistakes she sees include neighbour objections, policy changes, and stubborn clients who hold out hope on projects that just don’t make sense from the start.

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Linda Wright’s Links & Resources

Planitwright.co.uk – Find out more about Linda’s services, upcoming events, testimonials, and the latest planning news

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