059: Calling Lisa Orme a mortgage broker is a disservice. With over 200 of her own deals completed and a background in forensic science, she’s a mortgage problem solver!




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Lisa Orme Mortgage Broker Keys MortgagesLisa defines herself as a problem solver, which is the theme that connects her career history. She spent 15 years in forensic science before moving into property investing and then finally finance.

When it comes to property, she’s done it all – developments, conversions, refurbs, buy to sell, lease options, assisted sales and so on.

And when it comes to finance she really does know it all. She is a master when it comes to complex deals and finding the right finance solution for her clients, but makes it clear to draw the line between creative and dodgy.

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Investing Strategies

Property for Lisa was always about growing a pension for later, and whilst she took advantage of the market to grow a sizeable portfolio, she’s now more focussed on buy-to-sell when the right deal comes along, as well as consolidating her portfolio and clearing all the debt against her properties within the next 5 years.

Biggest Success

Lisa’s worst and best deal is rolled in to one. She bought a property in Staffordshire that was too far away from her area that she never should have bought, but at the end of the development it was a stunning property that really paid off.

Biggest Difficulty

Back when ‘Sale & Rent-Back’ deals were allowable, Lisa took on a property with a 5 year fixed deal on the basis the current owner said she would stay there forever. Only 3 months after completing on the deal she moved out and Lisa was stuck with a property in a village location with little rental demand. It taught Lisa a big lesson in doing what’s right for her rather than what she thinks is right for the other parties in the deal.

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The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

Lisa Orme’s Links & Resources

Keys-Mortgages.com – Lisa’s main business website
Facebook.com/KeysMortgages – Keys Mortgages Facebook page for updates, events and Lisa’s mailing list
Xero.com – Lisa’s favourite resource for managing the finances of her portfolio. Sign up for a 30 day free trial

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