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Episode #412: Building a Business as a Property Mum, with Louise Smith

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Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Louise Smith, a remarkable figure whose story is as compelling as it is inspiring.

In the world of horseback riding, Louise is a seasoned equestrian, but her talents and ambitions stretch far beyond the stables.

Her venture into the realm of property investment began around 2006, a time shadowed by the looming financial crisis.

Yet, with savvy and timing on her side, Louise made a purchase that not only withstood the economic downturn but also taught her the invaluable lesson of buying smart.

This pivotal moment set the stage for Louise’s investment philosophy, emphasizing the power of a good purchase price.

From there, Louise’s investment strategy evolved from a part-time passion to a full-blown business endeavor. 

She’s since flipped houses, dived into HMOs, and tackled multi-unit freehold blocks, all while maintaining an eye for the single lets and gems hidden in the market.

What’s more, Louise has harnessed the power of collaboration, working closely with joint venture partners and investors to expand her portfolio even further.

But what truly sets Louise apart is her role as a co-founder of Property Mums UK, a groundbreaking group dedicated to empowering women in the property space, especially those balancing the challenges of motherhood with their entrepreneurial dreams.

Join us as we explore Louise’s extraordinary journey from equestrian to property mogul, shedding light on the strategies, successes, and insights that have defined her path.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained from Louise’s experience.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired by a story of resilience, savvy investing, and unwavering ambition.

Instagram: braeside_property_group

Website: www.braesideproperty.co.uk

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