057: Luke Hamill has overcome more than most will ever have to in order to achieve more than most will ever be able to



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Luke HamillLuke began investing 15 years ago whilst still working in a day job but made all the classic mistakes that meant progress wasn’t as quick as it could have been.

Then health issues forced him to find an income stream that wasn’t reliant on him commuting and being in work full time, which is when he discovered multi-let property investing.

He now has properties as big as 14 rooms and is doing some amazing things in the property world.

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Investing Strategies

Luke is currently growing the trading side of his business – sourcing BMV deals and selling them through auctions

He is also growing his multi-let portfolio and looking to do some commercial conversions.

Biggest Success

Getting his first property under his belt gave him the change in mindset that allowed him to believe property could give him the income he was looking for with the flexibility he needed.

Biggest Difficulty

Luke was looking at a large 15 bedroom property, but walked away from it despite having spent £10,000 on up front fees for surveyors and legals etc.

It boiled down to him not thinking he had the skills necessary to complete such a large project, but he has been able to overcome this and went on to find a 14 bed investment opportunity for half the price.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – Yuval Noah Harari

A History of Civilizations – Fernand Braudel

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