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Episode #413: Innovative Property Strategies and Personal Triumphs, with Michelle Cairns

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Today, I am delighted to be joined by Michelle Cairns

You may have come across her in many different guises over the years.

She’s been in the property industry since 2015 and is most prominently known as the host of the YPN podcast—a remarkable platform that offers invaluable insights into the property world.

Michelle is an exceptional host and today, we’re turning the tables to dive into her fascinating story.

She has hosted numerous property networking events and is a successful property investor with 40 tenants in her portfolio.

Michelle’s achievements are the result of creative deal structuring and innovative financing strategies, including vendor finance, purchase lease options, and rent-to-rent schemes.

Starting her journey from a teaching background without prior property expertise, Michelle has built an impressive portfolio in just eight years.

Her success is more than enough to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Now, while her portfolio continues to grow, she is exploring new interests and creative outlets, like being a podcast host.

So without further ado, let’s get into today’s episode.

Instagram: michellecairns01

Facebook: Michelle Cairns

LinkedIn: Michelle Cairns

Website: Your Property Network

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