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318: How Natalie Gascoyne turned an inheritance from the sad loss of her Mother into a thriving property business, named in her honour




Today I’m delighted to be joined by Natalie Gascoyne, sharing her amazing story in the property world, with a particular focus on her recent project creating assisted living homes for registered providers in the North West: a strategy that allows her to follow her passion for renovation projects, whilst also working on something with a valuable social cause. And, giving her the added benefit of a Government backed secure tenant for years ahead.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy her story just as much as I did!

Listen to this episode below:

Here’s a sneak peek at what discussed this time:

4.40 – From a career in marketing and the sad loss of her Mum, Natalie talks about life before property.

“At that time, I was very risk averse – working in the events industry, you always plan thinking ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’”

9.36 – With the help of a friend, Natalie dipped her toe in the property water with a new rent guaranteed, managed apartment.

“Naturally, I wanted to grow that side income – I began to look at property investing on a more professional level.”

12.23 – Natalie explains how she took the next step in building her portfolio, including attending a popular property course and purchasing a rundown buy to let.

14.16 – Her experience on the course left Natalie feeling inspired and motivated and she quit the day job, but she soon discovered the industry wasn’t as easy as she thought.

“It’s a long game… It doesn’t need to be sold as a career that in a year is going to make you rich: if you’re changing career, you should be doing that for the long term.”

20.36 – But when her buy to let refurb was successfully completed, Natalie was reinvigorated and began a private mentorship to pursue her property education.

22.38 – Natalie explains how the mentorship completely changed the track of her business, and in the next 2 years she completed numerous projects from HMO’s to flips.

25.25 – She goes on to give further detail on how she funded so many projects in such a short space of time.

26.36 – Natalie gives her top advice: to network, get a mentor and connect with other property businesses – especially on social media!

“Be an Instagram stalker!”

28.04 – Due to market competition in residential, Natalie changed her strategy to focus more on commercial property.

30.35 – Natalie talks about partnering with a supervised living provider for her latest project and the three key benefits.

34.14 – A closer look at how Natalie broke into this niche.

41.49 – Natalie reflects on how she expects to grow her portfolio in the future.

46.58 – How exploring multiple strategies has helped Natalie with knowledge and experience, but why she is now starting to stabilise and focus on a retention strategy.

50.35 – Why Covid-19 hasn’t derailed Natalie, and why she’s confident in the future.

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Follow Natalie’s journey on Instagram (@natgascoyneproperty) or visit her website to find out more.

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