058: Nick and Paul are brothers with property backgrounds who finally decided to invest in their own deals (and have some fun doing it!)



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Nick Curley and Paul CurleyThese brothers have got a massive wealth of experience in the property industry. Paul’s background is in residential developments and conversion, supported by a first class honours degree in construction management.

Nick ran a successful contracting company for 8 years and acquired and managed over 250 residential and commercial construction and refurbishment projects.

These backgrounds, combined with a focus on professionalism, have allowed Paul and Nick to become highly respected property investors and members of the property community.

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Investing Strategies

Paul and Nick are focussing most of their time on development projects using JV finance (both profit splits and fixed % returns). Their ideal project is taking a large office building and splitting it into multiple residential units, but they’re also working on smaller quick flips and starting to grow a small HMO portfolio for cash flow purposes.

Biggest Success

Their biggest success so far isn’t one specific deal, but more how far they’ve been able to come in a relatively short period of time. They attribute this to changing their mindset, growing their network and building a team, and are proud of the fact that people are now going to them for advice and they’re able to give back to the property community.

Biggest Difficulty

On their first project, the commercial result was fantastic and the actual development went well, but dealing with the legal and administrative side of things surrounding the title split was a new challenge for them and did take longer than they expected it to. In spite of it being a difficult time for them though, they learnt a lot about how to handle these processes on future projects and learnt a lot about themselves as well in terms of what areas of the business they want to focus on going forward.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It – Michael E. Gerber

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