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288: Our most honest monthly update yet




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Project Updates

  • Hall Street – 8 bed HMO progressing well. Realistically it’s going to be December before it’s finished. We had a bit of a delay with the development finance application which slowed things down, but the reality is finishing it in November or December will make little difference to when we fill it as the run up to Christmas is usually very slow for us anyway.
  • Cross Street – 6 bedroom HMO in an article 4 area.  The planning deadline was over a month ago now and the case officer has asked for about 4 extensions now.
  • Hillgate – just as things were starting to progress well with the build, we got hit with our neighbours land being repossessed.
    • We had an agreement with them to use their car park for our site office and storage,  but it was very informal so when the receivers got involved they wanted us off the land ASAP. That’s a pain as it’s a tight site so the build will be more challenging now
    • But the worst part is they’ve also decided to claim that we’re encroaching on their land.  Obviously to the best of our knowledge we’re 100% within our boundary, and I can’t discuss the details too much at this stage but it looks as though we’ll be able to prove this without much issue, but it’s brought the site to a halt until it’s all sorted out so our schedule is pushed back once again.  2020 will be the year we complete this horrible project! Otherwise I’m finding a new career.
    • One thing I’m going to save for the new year is a review of our goals and plans for the future which have had a huge revamp since we’ve been on the boat, but it does involve more projects so we’ll be spending a lot of the time when we’re in the UK over Christmas viewing potential sites and hopefully making some offers.

IPI Updates

As well as updating our property goals, obviously the IPI business is a big part of our focus as well, and I’ve been a little all over the place this year with the direction we take it in.  Again I’ll save the details for our big end of year update but we’re pretty happy with where our time is going to be spent going forwards.

Open Days were one of our favourite ways of serving our audience, but obviously these were made more difficult when we left the UK.  So spending a few months back there over winter means we’ve got one scheduled for the 6th December and might try to fit another in January as well.

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes with our property business and our current commercial to residential projects then this is a great opportunity to do so, and you can find out all of the details on our website, but we’ve sold half of the tickets for December already so don’t hang around if you want to join us.

Beyond that the podcast will continue to be our main focus, delivering as much free content as we’ve got time for.

And the big focus from an education point of view next year will be the IPI Community. We’re finally live and building out some amazing content for our community members.  We’ve got a growing library of online courses, we’ve got an active discussion forum, and a number of live calls every month.

The real appeal of this for me is that we can reach and help a lot of people at a really low cost.

In November for instance we’re hosting a drop in mastermind session, as well as a design workshop with architect Emma Smith where she’ll be taking floorplans from members projects and creating a few different layouts to see how we can add as much value as possible to the end product, and a case study review with Jade Bailey from beespace and Phil Ashford from Comfort Lettings looking at creating student lets within an article 4 area without breaking the bank.

And that’s just the live calls – we’ve also got a load of course content on creating websites for Serviced accommodation, protecting yourself and your business with a legal 6 pack, single let deal analysis, how to conduct a really valuable property viewing, and much more.

You can grab a 1 month trial for £1, and we’ve got some great early bird pricing options as well for ongoing membership, so the sooner you join, the lower your monthly membership will be in the future.

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