011: Francis Dolley is a builder turned investor, but don’t assume his background was an advantage




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Francis Dolley, property podcastUntil 3 years ago Francis was a builder working away happily with his team in the Somerset countryside. He talks to us in this week’s property podcast about how a change of personal circumstances persuaded him to jump into full-time property investing.

Francis now works with his daughter Emily, and together they have created the brilliant Rent 2 Rent community – the Multi-Let Cashflow System. This now has more than 500 members and Francis and Emily pride themselves on being one of the most results based training companies in the business.

Their plans are to continue growing and supporting this community and to steadily increase their own property portfolio.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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SLIGHT EDGE – Jeff Olson

Mayhem, Murder & Multi-Lets – Francis Dolley

Biggest Success

Francis has had a lot of success in property, but he’s most proud of being able to first bring his daughter in to the business full time, followed by his son who helps on the tech side. It wasn’t long before his daughter found her feet and now keeps Francis in check!

Biggest Difficulty

18 months ago, he borrowed £50,000 from a JV partner for an HMO conversion. Everything stacked up on paper, until the surveyor decided to down value the property by… £50,0000! Skip to today and a very understanding JV partner has almost been paid back in full, but it goes to show that there’s no certainty in property values until the money’s in the bank.

Francis’ Links & Resources

HMOinaBox.com – A fantastic looking event with some of the best speakers around
52multilettips.com – 52 weekly tips to make your HMO properties perform better
multiletcashflowsystem.com – Francis’ main website for everything multi let related

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