015: Claire Hunte and Lindsay Gibbons are business partners in Living Funky and life partners as well, combining funky design with low energy building.




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Shaun CallacherClaire is one half of property developer and low energy building duo Living Funky. Along with her partner Lindsay Gibbons, she is known for adding significant value to properties by transforming the interiors. In this week’s property podcast, they explain how their funky and stylish homes break the price ceiling for the areas they develop in. 

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Key Person of Influence – Daniel Priestley

Biggest Success

Claire & Lindsay purchased an end of terrace property with huge gardens. They refurbished the house and added a small extension, split off a large portion of the garden (their first ever title split) and sold it on and were left with a free piece of land in central London. They got planning, built another house and sold that for a tidy profit as well.

Biggest Difficulty

They had an offer accepted on a house with a view to repeat their previous title split success. After the valuation was done, the selling agent called to say the property was un-mortgageable. Their values fees were returned without having much say in the matter, and a year later, as expected, a new house popped up in the garden they had intended to build on. Whilst Claire & Lindsay aren’t pointing fingers, there’s the possibility the property went to someone on slightly better terms with the agent.

Claire & Lindsay’s Links & Resources

livingfunky.co.uk – The website showcasing the services Claire & Lindsay have to offer
facebook.com/LivingFunkyUK – Keep up to date with their latest projects and musings
twitter.com/livingfunky – Twitter profile for this property duo

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