013: Nicole Bremner is a mother of 3 who thinks property is the perfect profession for women, and her success proves it




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Nicole Bremner, property podcastNicole’s property journey has done nothing short of skyrocket since she left Goldman Sachs as an investment banker in 2009. In this week’s property podcast, she explains how she went from being an accidental landlord to a property and social media superstar. 

She’d finally found something where she could work the hours that suited her family life with three kids, whilst still contributing significantly to the household income.

Her first major project was a 4,000 square feet Grade 2 listed vicarage – not something she’d recommend to anyone else as their first project – and she now works alongside an experienced JV partner on some seriously impressive high-end central london conversions, construction projects, and renovations.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Getting Things Done – David Allen

Work the System – Sam Carpenter

Biggest Success

Nicole converted a vicarage occupied by squatters into a luxury family home as her very first conversion project. Did I mention she was on site as project manager whilst looking after her 2 children (aged only 2 and 18 months), whilst heavily pregnant with her 3rd?

She’s also very excited about a roof space with planning for 3 penthouses in central London that she’s working on with her JV partner.

Biggest Difficulty

A building regs officer fell into a trench on site at one of her projects. He had a bit of a strop and threatened to shut the site down, but ultimately Nicole was able to resolve the situation and prevent any serious delays.

Nicole’s Links & Resources

uk.businessinsider.com/nyc-micro-apartments-under-construction – NYC Micro Appartments as I discussed with Nicole
intuit.co.uk/quickbooks-accounting-software/ – Quickbooks is Nicole’s go-to accounting software for tracking her property projects

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