Portsmouth City Council ban more than two HMOs in a row

Portsmouth City Council have approved a clampdown on HMOs that will see a ban on more than two HMOs in a row.

The plans, approved yesterday at a cabinet meeting yesterday, also prevent two HMOs sandwiching an existing home in between.

The decision comes following a public consultation with individuals and organisations, including the Portsmouth Society, East St Thomas Residents’ Forum and the Portsmouth & District Landlords’ Association.

77% of respondents to the survey said they were in favour of preventing three HMOs in a row.

A further 90% said that they agreed with the proposal to ban two HMO properties sandwiching a non-HMO property.

The Portsmouth & District Landlords’ Association had been against the proposals to limit HMOs to three in a row, saying it would cause more people to end up neighbouring HMOs.

‘New HMOs have to be created somewhere and 3 in a row seems more sensible than more equal distribution where more people have to have HMOs as neighbours.’

However, the East St Thomas Residents’ Forum welcomed the proposals. ‘Most family households which become “sandwiched” between student HMOs have experienced a major impact on their amenity,’ they said.

The new regulations come about as landlords get ready to adapt to the government’s new HMO licensing rules that come into force from the beginning of October.


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