Property Coaching

Our Approach to Property Coaching

We have a bit of a love-hate relationship with “coaching”.  We LOVE it because it can be the most powerful way to push your business through a specific roadblock or get it to the next level.  We’ve worked with a couple of coaches over the years to help us overcome very specific issues, and that has been worth way more than any cost to us in terms of impact on our business. 

But at the same time we hate the cookie cutter approach to coaching that seems to plague the property industry, like most other industries, where investors are sold the idea that in order to succeed they need to ‘invest’ in a 12 month coaching programme and spend the equivalent of their next deposit to get educated. 

It simply isn’t necessary. Here’s why:

1) If you’re just starting out then you’ve got a lot of learning to do, but there are far more effective ways of learning the basics than spending a fortune for someone to spell it out for you. Podcasts, books, and group/online education will be far more cost effective and achieve the same results. 

2) If you’ve got the basics covered but have one or two barriers that are holding you back, you don’t need to commit to 12 months of support.  Property is a slow game, and figuring out one aspect (e.g. sourcing or raising finance) will often give you enough insight to keep you busy for at least the next few months.  Trying to learn anything else when you should be busy executing will at best quickly be forgotten by you, but at worst it will distract you from actually making progress towards your goals. 

So our approach is simple.  We love helping other investors succeed and we do this for free as much as possible with podcasts, videos and written content. 

But sometimes that’s not enough, and your own circumstances mean you need a helping hand. 

What does your coaching look like?

We offer a simple coaching package that will help you overcome the specific barrier you’re struggling with and get you back on track to hit your goals, and this is what it looks like:

  • 2 x 1 hour coaching calls with Mike & Victoria (double the brainpower to help overcome your issues), scheduled to suit you and with enough time in between calls to start executing and be ready for follow up support
  • Access to our private community of property investors who we’ve worked with in the past (previous coaching clients, course graduates etc) where you can connect with them and get support on an ongoing basis
  • Pre-call assessment (on the next page) to help us better understand you and your current situation, save time on our first call together, and get you thinking about where our coaching can have the biggest impact
  •  We’ll also share any of our resources, tools or templates that will help you overcome any smaller barriers either before or during our coaching sessions so that we can focus on the big issues during our time together

We can help you with a number of different areas in your property business, but to get the most from our time together it is much better if you focus on one or two major roadblocks that are holding you back.  Here are some of the areas we are most passionate about and would love to help you work through:

  • Vision, goals & strategy – whether you’re just getting started or have been investing for a while but have lost your way, we believe there’s little that’s more important than having clarity around your reasons for getting into property, the strategy that will best help you get there, and realistic goals to work towards to ensure you realise your vision as quickly as possible
  •  Securing your first or next deal – a lot of us have the desire to become investors and grow our portfolio but struggle with the confidence to commit to what is probably the biggest investment decision we’ll make. With a decade of experience we can help you understand what actually makes a good deal, how to find them, and give you the confidence to move forward
  • Scaling up size or volume of projects – in order to achieve our goals, we often have to increase the size of deals we’re doing, or the number of deals. Both of these approaches introduce new challenges to our business and become a barrier to progress. If you’re stuck with scaling your investing then we can help get you to the next level
  • Raising private investor finance – finance is another huge stumbling block that we all face at some point, but running out of our own cash doesn’t need to bring our investment plans to a halt.  We’ve successfully raised millions of pounds from private individuals as both debt (equivalent of a loan) and equity (joint venture) and can help you do the same to fund your future projects
  • Growing your team and outsourcing – our final passion area is creating a team to work in your business so you can work ON it (or take some time away from it whilst confident that it’s still generating you an income). Whether it’s understanding what you should be doing vs where you should get help, or exactly how you go about getting that help, growing your team will allow you to grow your income and hit your goals quicker

How do we get started?

We charge £500 for our coaching package – including the 2 coaching calls, the initial assessment, access to our private investor community and any resources, tools or templates that will help you. 

But let’s talk about value. We only work with you if we know we can help you.  If we check your initial assessment and realise that we’re not best suited to help overcome the barriers you’re facing then we’ll recommend what we think is the best place for you to get help. 

If we can help you, it means we’re confident that our advice, support and expertise will enable you to take a significant leap forward in your business. Normally that means enabling your next deal – through accessing finance, determining the right strategy, giving you the confidence to offer on something, etc. 

But it could also be freeing up your time (for yourself or to reinvest in your business), building out your brand and raising awareness, or getting really clear on your vision and what you need to do to get there. 

Whatever the outcome we determine as the aim of our time together, the value to you and your business will far exceed the £500 investment needed to get you there. 

So if you’re ready to push your business up a gear and you think we are the people to help you get there, we’d love to hear from you. 

Take some time to complete the initial assessment, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve reviewed it to discuss the next steps.