Our Property Investment Mastermind Trip to Dubai | IPI Vlog 008

We were really grateful to be invited to Dubai recently to host a couple of property investment events focussed on the UK property market.

We met an amazing group of property investors whilst out their, interested in every investment strategy imaginable from single buy to lets to houses of multiple occupancy, serviced apartments and new build developments.


What really struck me was that in many ways the issues they face as a result of being based in Dubai are much the same as the issues a lot of UK based property investors face. They struggle to source good deals, and find good people to work with, but hopefully we helped them overcome some of their problems so they can keep pushing forwards.

We also got to see some of the less touristy side of Dubai, and look behind the scenes at the development and the property market there. It’s a fascinating place, but ultimately I think there’s a reason this group of investors would rather be investing in the UK than Dubai.


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