179: A Q&A on property sourcing with some of the top UK property sourcing companies




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Property Sourcing Tips from Mark DunsmoreWho’s ready for some property sourcing tips and advice from some of the best property sourcers and companies in the industry?

Property sourcing is a massive part of any property investment strategy, but it’s also one of the biggest challenges so many of us property investors face.

It’s where every investment starts – trying to find a good property deal where the numbers stack up, whether you’re looking for a high yield on a single let, a below market value deal on a flip, or a great ROI on your next serviced apartment.

The market is heating up pretty quickly though, making good property deals harder and harder to find. They do still exist, you just need to get more creative with how you find them.

That’s why we recorded this video with some of the top property sourcers in the UK to find out exactly how they source their best deals, and what tactics are working for them. The video includes property sourcing tips from our favourite and most successful property sourcing experts.

These guys really know their stuff, so it’s well worth spending some time learning from the best property sourcers in the industry and hopefully you can pick up some tips to help you source your next property deal as well.

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Which Property Sourcers Contributed?

Brad Lazarus & Mark Dunsmore – Goliath Property Solutions / Goliath Sourcing Academy
Dan Buchan & Jamie York – We Sell BMV
David France – Fast Property Overseas
Sarah Poynton-Ryan – Rent Guaranteed
TJ Atkinson – The Source London

Feel free to reach out to any of these property sourcers for help sourcing your next property deal.

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