Learn our step by step process to attract private investors to your property business, and grow your portfolio without running out of cash.

So you want to raise private finance?

The biggest reason we hear this is because you've run out of your own cash, typically just as you're getting into your stride with delivering successful property projects, BUT you want to keep growing

Private Finance can also be a much cheaper and more flexible option than conventional finance, putting you in control of your business and property success, rather than letting the banks dictate what you can buy and how quickly you can grow. 

I'm going to help you work through the exact steps you need to take to attract private investment to your own property projects, without having to sell your soul, feel like you're begging, or give away all of your profit. 

In Raising Private Finance, I'll show you how to build the right plan for your funding needs, package your projects in a way that will sell themselves, and help you put the processes in place to have a steady stream of finance partners discover you, believe in you, and ultimately invest in you. 

The benefits from this course will last for the duration of your property career, but you can start seeing the results in as little as a few weeks.

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Hi, I'm Mike Stenhouse


15 years ago I bought my first investment property, and since then I've gone on to build a modest but profitable portfolio along with my wife that allowed us both to leave the corporate world behind.  

As with most investors, and I'm guessing it's the same story for you as well, we started off investing with our own cash.  We had some savings, took out a loan and a couple of credit cards, and flipped a couple of houses to help fund additional purchases.  

But we eventually ran out of our own cash, and when that happened we were stuck - we couldn't continue to move forward at the pace we wanted.  I guess you're feeling something like that now, or you can see it happening in the not too distant future. You've got the experience, you know you can find more deals that would be a great addition to the portfolio, but a lack of funds is holding up your plans. 

We realised about 5 years ago that there's actually a lot of people out there in exactly the opposite situation.  They're sitting on large sums of capital that they want to generate a good return on, they want a level of security from their investment, but they have no idea what can give them that safe return.  Or maybe they do have certain ideas, but they don't have the time, drive or expertise to do it themselves.   

Since then, we've gone on to raise almost £4,000,000 in finance from a number of cash rich investors, and we've never had to question whether or not we can afford to do a deal again.  We know that for every project we find that meets our investment criteria, we'll be able to attract investment from private individuals to fund the deposit, the renovation costs, or even the entire purchase price.  

And whether you invest in single lets or serviced accommodation, in Blackpool or in Blackpool, I guarantee there is enough money out there to fund all the deals you need to complete in order to hit your goals and your desired income level. 

We've proven this time and time again, within our own portfolio, and with other investors who we've helped achieve the same result,s even raising a quarter of a million pounds for our latest project during the Covid lockdown when you would assume everyone was being extremely cautious. 

Don't Take My Word For It

"Working with Mike allowed us to secure new investment for our next student property - a 5 bed HMO - which will allow us to hit our 2020 goals."

- Mike (Norwich)

"Since working with Mike, we have formed a long term JV partnership that has so far resulted in 2 HMO purchase... with more in the pipeline!"

- Gemma (Manchester)

"I had raised £15,000 from family and friends, but the proposal I put together after the masterclass helped me secure £70,000 to purchase my next property."

- Deborah (South Wales)

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Join me today to build your funding strategy





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Not just theory - we give you our processes, systems and templates to implement in your own business, and help you get them set up as well.



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Get access to our private Facebook community for course graduates to get ongoing support on raising private finance, and all aspects of growing your property business.

What You'll Learn

Raising Private Finance is based on the blueprint we work from in our own business that has allowed us to raise almost £4,000,000 in private finance and scale our portfolio beyond what we ever thought possible with our own capital.  

It covers each step of the process you need to follow in your business to successfully raise investor finance and replicate our success, from start to finish. 

The course is broken down into the three key areas you need to focus on in order to get results in your business - You, Your Offer, and Your Investors

Module 1 - You

  • Private Finance 101 - the ins and outs of the different funding options
  • Getting yourself ready to raise finance
  • Private Finance Goal Setting
  • Chicken or Egg - Keeping your finance and deal flow in sync
  • Increasing your Investibility


Module 2 - Your Offer

  • Analysing deals for private finance
  • What makes a deal suitable for private finance
  • Structuring the Deal
  • How much should you give away?
  • Selling Your Value
  • Splitting Roles & Responsibilities
  • How to package and present deals 

Module 3 - Your Investors


  • Identifying your ideal investor
  • Where to find your ideal investor
  • Using other people's platforms to scale your reach


  • Define your messaging for maximum impact
  • Creating a content schedule so you don’t need to worry about what to say, when and where
  • Building your 7 points of contact to increase your Know, Like & Trust


  • Creating an ongoing stream of investor enquiries
  • The Launch Process - Financing for deadlines 
  • Compliance & documentation
  • How to increase your fund raising by 20-50% every time


  • Managing Investor Relations
  • Investor Communication
  • Wrapping up a project with private finance


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Why private finance should be your top priority when it comes to funding your future deals:

  • Never be limited by what banks will lend, or when your own capital is tied up in other deals. If you have a track record of delivering successful projects you should be able to scale at your own pace, not the banks! 

  • Bank finance is becoming more restrictive, with higher interest despite a historically low base rate and extortionate fees pushing up the overall cost.  In most cases, private finance is a significantly cheaper option.

  • Raising private finance is not about finding money from your existing network.  It's about attracting new investors to you, opening yourself up to a virtually unlimited funding source. 

Who This Course is For

Experienced investors looking to scale without constraint

Raising Private Finance is designed for you if you're an experienced property investor with a track record of delivering profitable property projects, but you're fed up trying to balance finances, jump through hoops from the banks, and wait for your current project to sell or be refinanced before you can move onto the next.  

You know what makes a good deal. You know how to deliver successful projects. And you want to build a property business rather than just a couple of investment properties.


How long do I have access to the course?

You're paying for lifetime access to this course and the content contained within it. Each module is delivered via a series of online videos which you can access and work through whenever you like, as often as you like.

What do I do if I need help?

During the first 6 weeks of the course I'll be hosting 2 group coaching calls for you to join and get any questions answered or ask me to go into specific subjects in more detail. You'll also get access to our private Facebook Community for course graduates where you can get support on this and other property subjects from the rest of the community.

When does the course start & finish?

Access to the course will start from November 1st 2020, and you will have lifetime access to the video modules and Facebook Community. The coaching calls will take place during November, and recordings for these will be added to the course platform for future access as well.

Is this course right for me?

Raising Private Finance is designed to help experienced investors introduce private investor finance as a funding source to your business.

If you have a provable track record with previous property projects and you are looking for a way to finance the future growth of your business that is cheaper, more flexible and virtually unlimited compared to bank finance, then we will help you take the steps needed to attract investors.

We do not advocate using private finance (beyond immediate friends and family) for your first project. If you have no previous property experience, a lot of our process will not be relevant or appropriate for you.

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