Private finance is the only way to scale your property business without restriction…. Without limits

Attracting private investors to your property business allows you to scale your portfolio on your own terms, as quickly as you want

Are you ready to scale your portfolio? 

Private investors are the best way to grow your property business, removing the need to rely on banks and all of their red tape, and without needing to rely on your own cash for deposits or renovation costs

I'm Ready. Show me the money!

Don't Take My Word For It

"Working with Mike allowed us to secure new investment for our next student property - a 5 bed HMO - which will allow us to hit our 2020 goals."

- Mike (Norwich)

"Since working with Mike, we have formed a long term JV partnership that has so far resulted in 2 HMO purchase... with more in the pipeline!"

- Gemma B. (Manchester)

"I had raised £15,000 from family and friends, but the proposal I put together after the masterclass helped me secure £70,000 to purchase my next property."

- Deborah H. (South Wales)

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…

balancing (or should I say juggling?!) finances is one of the biggest challenges when building your portfolio.

You probably started off with some of your own money. And whether that was enough for one simple flip, or a couple of bigger deals, it doesn’t matter. 

The point is, you got started! And that’s more than most can say. 

And of course banks and bridging lenders have probably ‘helped’ along the way as well. Leverage is one of the biggest advantages to property over other investments, after all. 

But at some point, between deposits, renovation costs, and waiting for refinances to FINALLY complete, there was probably a moment where you thought / hoped / dreamed <<< delete as appropriate >>> that a little more cash would allow you to offer on the next great deal you’d just found.... 

  • That next great deal that would allow you to start scaling your portfolio quicker…

  • The quicker portfolio growth that would get you to your goals quicker… 

  • The goals that allow you to live life on your own terms…

If only you had the finance you needed. 

And that’s a problem, right? 

As you gain experience as an investor, you get better at the core skills required to be successful. 

  • Your ability to find deals improves. 

  • Your ability to manage renovations improves. 

  • Your ability to turn run-down buildings into profitable investments improves. 

But despite these improvements, as long as your cash is limited, so is your growth. 


You can’t make the most of your increased expertise as long as you’re still reliant on recycling your own capital before you can move on to the next deal.

What if, instead of needing to wait for your current project to refinance, you had the finance you needed to go out and offer on your next great deal today? 

What if you knew that money was no longer a barrier to you increasing your portfolio at the rate you want to? 

Think about this for a second: 

Why did you get into property in the first place? 

I’d like you to ACTUALLY think about that for a second

(SERIOUSLY! Don’t just fob me off here. Give it some thought for a moment…)

It was probably something to do with creating:


to do what you want or spend with who you want, instead of trading 40-60 hours a week for a salary;


to spend on the things, the experiences, and the causes you care about, or to give you more certainty over your financial future;


to travel, take longer or more frequent trips whenever you choose, or perhaps even relocate somewhere entirely without being tied by a job

Your own reasons will no doubt be unique to you, but typically those three categories cover most of what investors want to achieve from property. 

Now in order to hit those goals, you need to acquire a property portfolio of a certain size. 

And in order to do that, you need three key ingredients:

  • Time (to focus on this business), 
  • Expertise (so you don’t mess it up) 
  • and Money (for deposits, renovation costs etc)

If money (or not having enough of it) is why you’re here, then it’s slowing you down. 

A lack of finance is stopping you getting from where you are to where you want to be, in the shortest possible time. 

You’re probably still making progress because you’re taking this property business seriously.  But you’re not moving as quickly as you could be.

So returning to the original question - what if you had the money you needed to buy your next project today? - the answer is more than just “I could add another property to my portfolio”. 

In fact it’s much more than that! 

The real answer is that you could achieve your goals quicker.

Much Quicker!

You could achieve those reasons why you started investing in the first place. 

You could be spending more time with your family.  Walking along the beach with them instead of stuck in the office. Not worrying about your income for retirement, or be able to quit your job in three years instead of 30. 

It certainly sounds like a nice alternative! 

“But everything I read says that Buy > Renovate > Refinance is the way to grow your portfolio. 

Are you saying that’s not the case?"

Absolutely not. 

Buy > Renovate > Refinance is the most common approach to property investment. 

You find property with potential to increase the value, renovate to realise that value, and then refinance to get your cash back out. 

But if you look at this as the holy grail of property investing, you’ll soon realise it’s got one MAJOR flaw. 

It’s pretty difficult (particularly in the current market) to find deals where you can get ALL of your money back out when you refinance.  

So either you end up never actually getting started because you’re looking for these elusive ‘all money out’ unicorns that are hard to find.

Or (and I guess this is more likely for you)…

You end up leaving some of your cash tied up in each project that you complete…

>>> We Interrupt This Programme to Bring You An Important Announcement   <<<

Doing deals where cash is left in is absolutely fine! In fact we expect to leave cash in 90% or more of the deals we do, and you should be fine with this as well. As long as the deals are good enough, you don’t need to refinance ALL of your capital out in order for the deal to be a success!

“Ok, so you’re telling me I should be comfortable doing deals where I’m leaving some cash in. That’s a relief, but it means I’m running out of my own capital to keep investing!” 

That’s the missing link to a truly scalable property business.

The missing link is a source of finance that can scale in tandem with your increasing ability to find good deals and to turn them into income producing assets for your business. 


Raising Private Finance

Your simple to use system to attract private finance for your future projects, with full compliance and without any sleazy selling. 



Detailed training that guides you through the theory and practicalities of introducing private investor finance to your property business, whether you’re interested in loans, joint ventures, or both.


Tried and tested processes to attract private investors to you and your projects, so that they’re excited to work with you instead of you needing to persuade them.


Ongoing support from the Inside Property Investing team and our community of successful property developers to help ensure your success and maximise your results.

…because you’re becoming an expert at successful property investment, and your future investors deserve to have you looking after their returns. 

This system has been used to raise millions in private finance for us and our students, with many seeing results in just 20 days. 

Real results shared in our Facebook group from students who signed up for this course and started to get immediate results...


Live Support & Coaching

12 months of live group calls are included with your enrolment to ensure you have all the help you need to get the most out of the programme. You'll also get access to our private, 'student only' Facebook group.

Build A Brand with Me

Join me as I build a new brand for our property business over the next year, including website, social media, emails and more, with the sole purpose of attracting new investors. Learn from my results and copy my success.

The 20 Days to £20K Challenge

Our unique challenge to guide you to your first investors in only 20 days, helping you develop the knowledge and confidence to introduce private finance to your business in the shortest possible time frame

SSAS Pension Training

Whether you have your own pension you’d like to utilise for property investment, or you want to tap into the £2,500,000,000,000 (yup, that’s trillion) UK pension market that’s one of the largest sources of investible capital in the UK, this training will get you started in the wonderful world of using Small Self Administered Scheme pensions to grow your portfolio. 

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Get lifetime access to everything you need to introduce the most scalable source of property finance to your business

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And we’re confident that this will work for you.

15 years ago I bought my first investment property, and since then my wife and I have gone on to build a modest but profitable portfolio that allowed us both to leave the corporate world behind.  

As with most investors, and I'm guessing it's a similar story for you as well, we started off investing with our own cash.  We had some savings, took out a loan and a couple of credit cards, and flipped a couple of houses to help fund additional purchases.  

But eventually we ran out of our own cash, and when that happened we were stuck - we couldn't continue to move forward at the pace we wanted.  

Maybe you're feeling something like that now, or you can see it happening in the not too distant future. 

You've got the experience, you know you can find more deals that would be a great addition to the portfolio, but a lack of funds is holding up your plans. 

We realised about 6 years ago that there's actually a lot of people out there in exactly the opposite situation.  

They're sitting on cash that they want to generate a better return on than sitting in the bank, they want a level of security from their investment, but they have no idea what can give them that safe return.  

Or maybe they do have certain ideas, but they don't have the time, drive or expertise to do it themselves.   

Since then, we've gone on to raise over £5,000,000 in finance from a number of cash rich investors, and we've never had to question whether or not we can afford to do a deal again.  

We know that for every project we find that meets our investment criteria, we'll be able to attract investment from private individuals to fund the deposit, the renovation costs, or even the entire purchase price.  

And whether you invest in single lets or serviced accommodation, in Blackpool or in Brighton, I guarantee there is enough money out there to fund all the deals you need to complete in order to hit your goals and your desired income level. 

We've proven this time and time again, within our own portfolio, and with other investors who we've helped achieve the same results, even raising a quarter of a million pounds for one of our recent projects during the Covid lockdown when you would assume everyone was being extremely cautious. 

As long as you have a track record of delivering at least a couple of successful projects already, you’ll be in a great position to attract investors looking to generate a good, secure return on their own capital. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked with investors before, or you have but you can’t seem to attract more.  Our processes will give you the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to bring new investment to your future projects. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone with money, or don’t want to ask your friends and family to help you out.  Our processes will show you how to attract investors that want to work with you and are excited to work with you.  Remember - you’re helping them as much as they’re helping you!  

In fact, the only people we’d say this won’t work for are those who haven’t successfully invested before. Whilst the idea of using someone else’s money to build a portfolio sounds appealing it’s a TERRIBLE idea to learn using other people’s money. We’d also suggest you learn your craft with your own money at risk, and use private finance to scale only once you have a proven track record.




Understand the ins and outs of private investor finance so that you know how to introduce it in your projects, attract the right investors, and scale your business.



24/7 lifetime access to our online video course modules, so you can work through it at your own pace, as often as you like.



Not just theory - we give you our processes, systems and templates to implement in your own business, and help you get them set up as well.



Get access to our private Facebook community for course graduates to get ongoing support on raising private finance, and all aspects of growing your property business.

Here's what some of our previous students asked before joining:

I don’t know anyone with money. Is that going to be a problem for me raising investor finance?

Whilst some people get their first investment from friends and family (a relative looking to help out, or a friend or colleague with an interest in property), it’s certainly not the norm, and far from essential to know people with any money in order to raise finance for your own projects. 

The vast majority of investors we work with, we’ve never met before. The same goes for the vast majority of the developers we work with to help them raise finance. 

We’ll help you explore your existing connections to look for quick-win opportunities, and potentially identify investment that you didn’t think existed, because the advantage of people in your network is they already know, like and trust you (I hope!), which can lead to some of the quickest investment. 

But the majority of Raising Private Finance assumes you’ll be raising investment from people who you don’t currently know, and we guide you through all the steps to do exactly that.

I’m already super busy! Will I have time for this? Is it a lot of work?

The effort to attract private investors to you and your business should be an ongoing process - little and often. You’re probably already putting effort into a lot of the areas we suggest focusing on, just maybe not in the most effective way to attract the RIGHT people. 

So regardless of how busy you are, you shouldn’t struggle to fit these processes into your weekly schedule.

The results of this effort should hopefully end up saving you time as well, as the amount of work required to onboard a new investor is considerably less than all of the hoops you need to jump through with each mortgage application or bridging loan, meaning private finance should actually take you less time rather than more overall! 

And, without going down too much of a rabbit hole (we can talk about this more when we are working together), having a scalable source of funding in your business is one of the 3 core responsibilities of you as a property business owner (along with sourcing deals, and managing the operations/people) so this needs to become a priority for you to reach your goals in the shortest time frame.

If you’re struggling for time, we can help you assess how to be more effective and ensure you are working on the top priorities that will deliver the biggest results, including attracting private investment for your future projects. 

I don’t need additional finance yet. When should I start thinking about it?

As soon as you have a couple of projects under your belt, you should start thinking about your longer term funding plan for the growth of your portfolio. 

The reality is we’ll all run out of our own capital sooner or later - either because we’re leaving some capital tied up in each deal, or because we come across an amazing opportunity but our capital is already being used on another project. 

And it’s much better to be in a position where you have potential investors approaching you to work with you (allowing you to set your own terms and decide who you work with), rather than suddenly realising you need additional finance and having to go out and beg for it or take whatever terms are offered to you. 

It is possible to raise finance quickly, but most prospective investors will go through a period of getting to know, like and trust you, so giving yourself at least a 6 month runway to implement our processes before you know you’ll need money will give you the best results. 

How long do I have access to the course?

You're paying for lifetime access to this course and the content contained within it.  The training is delivered via a series of online videos which you can access and work through at your own pace, as often as you like. 

You’ll also get our ongoing support via a private Facebook group to answer any questions you might have and help you achieve your private finance goals. 

Is this course right for me?

Raising Private Finance is designed to help experienced investors introduce private investor finance as a funding source to your business.

If you have a provable track record with previous property projects and you are looking for a way to finance the future growth of your business that is cheaper, more flexible and virtually unlimited compared to bank finance, then we will help you take the steps needed to attract investors.

We do not advocate using private finance (beyond immediate friends and family) for your first project. If you have no previous property experience, a lot of our process will not be relevant or appropriate for you.

If, after reading through these details of Raising Private Finance, you know that it’s an essential part of your future business growth, then I can’t wait to work with you and help you use private investor finance to hit your property goals!

See you on the Inside,