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400: My change in focus for 2024 – from Reset to Responsibility

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I’m just coming out of my little Christmas / New Year hibernation. I’ve been up in Scotland for a couple of weeks at my folks house with Victoria and our little girl, hanging out with family and eating all the food and watching all the Christmas films and doing all that stuff. 

So I just want to start off by wishing you a massive Happy New Year, whatever you’ve been up to, whatever holidays you celebrate. I hope you had a good little break whilst everyone else shut down and you’re feeling refreshed and ready to go for the year ahead.

Now this is a New Year focused episode. I’m not talking about goal setting today though. I went a little bit off piste and wanted to focus on something that came into my life, an exercise that I first  came across about 12 months ago that had a big impact on my 2023 and something that I will continue to do going forward.

And I thought I’d share that process with you and share a bit about the impact that it’s had on me and hopefully give you some inspiration about how it maybe can impact you and what your intention could be for 2024, not necessarily to replace goals or your goal setting process, but to sit alongside it. So I hope you enjoy today’s episode. Like I say, it’s had a massively meaningful and profound impact on me, both from a personal point of view and a business perspective and I hope it does the same for you. 

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