008: A profession in property has allowed Richard Shepherd to follow his passion for writing.



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Richard ShepherdRichard is a creative property investor based in Blackburn, in the North West of England. He joins us on this week’s property podcast to discuss his background in acting, experience in developing databases and how these skills were perfectly suited for property.

He is now a full-time property investor, he runs the Manchester Property Networking Club, and teaches creative property investment strategies with solicitor Shimon Rudich and Hanif Khan.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The Science of Getting Rich: The Original Classic
– Wallace Wattles

Biggest Success

Richard loves creative deals, like the one where he found a property he wanted to buy, but the owner had nowhere to move. He found her a house she loved that he was already interested in buying (which she subsequently moved in to as a tenant buyer and renovated for him) and bought her house to turn in to an HMO.

Biggest Difficulty

Buying a house on a hill that had severe recurring damp issues. Short of digging up the whole hill, he had to come up with a practical solution to solve the problem.

Richard’s Links & Resources

ManchesterPropertyNetworking.com – Richard’s own Manchester Property Networking Event
leaseoptionpowerplays.com – E-book mentioned by Richard about Lease Options, written by him, Shimon Rudich and Hanif Khan

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