162: Richard Thorpe left behind his comfort zone as a professional rugby player to embark upon a full time property career, but the two worlds have come back together as he grows his own portfolio and invests in others through his company RDT Invest




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Richard ThorpeRichard is a retired professional rugby player whose career involved playing for London Irish and London Welsh, as well as representing Canada at a national level.

His focus now though is on property investing (which you might have guessed given he’s on this show) where he invests alongside his brother through their company RDT Invest.

As well as investing in their own deals, they have a pool of capital which they invest into small and medium size developers.

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Investing Strategies

Richard is aware of a lot of changes in the buy to let sector which have resulted in him not having a huge interest in growing a portfolio, so his main passion at the moment is in development.

With Central Government taxing landlords very heavily yet incentivising new build developments, and coupled with an ever present demand for new housing in the UK, you can see why this is where his focus lies.

Current Projects

Richard’s currently working on a commercial to residential conversion in Worcestershire, transforming 4 x 2 storey units into a 3 storey residential development with 4-6 units, as well as a number of new build sites in West London and a few joint ventures where other developers are leading the projects and the RDT team are arranging the finance.

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Richard Thorpe Links & Resources

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