289: Property Investing with Passion – Ruth Hobbs on her journey to a 6 million pound portfolio.




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Wow, what an interview. Today I am joined by Ruth Hobbs, one half of Derby based property company “Urban Sisters” and easily one of the most passionate people I’ve come across. We laughed, we cried and she did not hold back.

As the name would suggest, it’s a family affair, and the two sisters have a variety of projects on the go, with their most recent development, a 1.6million luxury student development earning them a nomination for best HMO at this years Property Investor Awards.

Check out these highlights:

4:28- Business structure- what the two sisters are responsible for

5:37 How Ruth got started- flipping houses

12:09 Stop focussing on what they teach you on courses, “the perfect deal” and just get out there and buy something. Get stuck in

14:07 Don’t muck around trying to get BMV- focus on getting the property off the market. You can make the difference up in the long run.

20:30 A hobby that ending up overtaking her full time job

22:05 Find properties by walking round the area.

23:38- Deep dive into the Derby commercial conversion project; Urban Lofts.  Office into luxury student accommodation. Bought for 415k,  Spent 460k and valued at 1.6M

43:00 The importance of Mindset in property- understanding why we do the things we do. Be passionate and be emotional about everything you do.

49:00 Land Gain Flips(!) as a strategy.

52:00 What’s in the pipeline?

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