Sabine Abdou

Episode #408: The Art of the Deal: How Sabine Abdou Flipped Her Corporate Skills into Property Success


I am thrilled to be back today with an episode I am so excited for you to listen to with an amazing lady called Sabine Abdou, a property investor who comes from a background in corporate negotiations – a really switched-on individual who applies her corporate expertise to a lot of the deals that she is doing in property. 

And today we get into some of those details I think you will find really interesting, like how she applies that background in corporate negotiations to securing all money out deals. She started investing seriously only a few years ago back in 2020 after almost a lifelong passion of property investing.

We get into all the background about her story, how she came up through the corporate world, how she translated that into property, and what her plans are for the future.

Instagram: the_property_negotiator_

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