054: Saj Hussain is the Property Joint Venture expert, with over 150 tenants using none of his own money



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Saj Hussain Property Joint Venture ExpertPrior to 2007, Saj had spent 15 years creating an IT company, but despite his MBA in business he almost lost everything at one point. Rather than accepting failure, he found and learnt from the best in the industry about property investing and quickly recreated his success.

He is known as the Property Joint Venture expert and has built a multi-million pound portfolio with over 150 tenants using none of his own money.

He loves working directly with vendors and investors to find creative solutions that offer a win-win for all parties, as well as helping other investors achieve their own success through networking events, coaching, mentoring and training.

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Investing Strategies

Saj looks for two types of properties for his investments. The first are properties that he can acquire at a good price, add value and sell on for a profit.

The second are those that can be converted into professional house shares and are added to his long term portfolio.

Biggest Success

Very recently, Saj purchased a small block of 3 flats for £75,000. They were purchased so cheap as they had a defective title and the vendor was getting fed up dealing with them.

They only required a small amount of work, predominantly focussed on sorting out the legal side of things, and were revalued recently at £200,000.

Biggest Difficulty

When he was getting started in looking at bigger projects, Saj took on a property that was to be converted into 3 flats. He underestimated the costs, timings and scope of works required.

Usually he splits profits 50:50 with his JV partners, but because of the issues with this one he ended up investing a huge amount of effort and made very little profit. The money he did make on the deal was given to the JV partner in order to maintain the relationship Saj had worked hard to develop.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

Eat That Frog! – Brian Tracy

Saj Hussain’s Links & Resources

PropertyJVexpert.com – Find out more about Saj and how he can help you profit from property using other people’s money
Dropbox – Learn more about Saj’s favourite resource
Email Saj Hussain – Got a question or looking for some advice? Get in touch with Saj here.

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