180: Sarah brought herself back from £60,000 of debt by using her sales skills to grow an impressive rent to rent portfolio before helping other source their own deals

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Sarah PoyntonToday I am delighted to be joined by Sarah Poynton Ryan. Sarah spent 14 years honing her skills in sales and marketing after she landed her first accidental job in a sales role based on the fact she liked to talk a lot. In that time she built and sold her first business, but after hitting a stage in 2015 where she was £60,000 in debt with credit cards and loans, she knew something needed to change.

She’d always had a passion for property investing so started to educate herself and 2 months later secured her first rent to rent HMO. The leads started to flow in and she realised this was another potentially lucrative arm to her business, selling on the deals that didn’t fit her own requirements, and since then both her rent to rent and deal sourcing businesses have blossomed.

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Investing Strategies

Sarah sources a wide range of properties (basically anything that stacks up that doesn’t suit her own strategy), including serviced apartments, rent to rents, HMOs etc.

Her own strategy though is based specifically on properties within a 30 minute drive of her home in Milton Keynes that need a minimal cash investment.

Biggest Success

Sarah has achieved a huge amount in her business in a pretty short space of time, and is extremely proud of these achievements including generating £100,000 from her sourcing business.

Now though she’s less focussed on the money and feels her biggest success is a project she’s working on to help house homeless people within her community.

From my own perspective, her approach to sourcing deals when she got started is well worth listening as her persistence played a big part in her success and she shares the details of her strategy during our discussion.

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Go For No – Richard Fenton

The Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters

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Email Sarah – Got a question or looking for some advice? Get in touch with her here.

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