Scottish cities are the quickest places to shift a house in the UK, whilst Wales is the slowest

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Edinburgh is the fastest city in the UK to sell a house, with properties listed for sale in the Scottish capital taking on average just 22 days to go under offer.

The research by property website Zoopla shows that houses in the city receive offers 25 days sooner than the average property in Britain.

It takes 47 days on average for a house in Britain to go under offer.

Glasgow is the second easiest place to sell a house in the UK, with houses in Scotland’s largest city securing offers in just 27 days.

Cardiff follows in third place, with houses in the Welsh capital taking 32 days on average to go under offer.

Top 10 fastest-moving property markets in Britain

Rank Town Average days to secure an offer Average property value (October 2018)
1 Edinburgh 22 £287,865
2 Glasgow 27 £182,816
3 Cardiff 32 £238,241
4 Northampton 33 £258,583
5 Birmingham 33 £198,890
6 Bristol 34 £324,110
7 Nottingham 35 £200,687
8 Stoke-on-trent 36 £148,326
9 Manchester 36 £187,838
10 Leicester 38 £226,951

Source: Zoopla October 2018 

However, property in Wales as a whole takes the longest to sell in the UK. Houses there take an average of 55 days to go under offer, almost 10 days longer than the UK average.

Scotland and the West Midlands are jointly the quickest regions to sell property in the UK, with houses in both regions securing offers on average in 38 days.

The second slowest region to move a property is North East England, where houses take an average of 54 days to secure an offer.

British regions ranked by time taken for homes to go under offer

Rank British Region Average days to secure an offer Average property value (October 2018)
1 Scotland 38 £189,808
2 West Midlands 38 £228,877
3 East Midlands 40 £216,425
4 Yorkshire and The Humber 46 £177,668
5 South West England 47 £299,936
6 East of England 49 £354,918
7 North West England 49 £194,346
8 South East England 50 £405,874
9 London 54 £651,033
10 North East England 54 £189,071
11 Wales 55 £186,098

Source: Zoopla October 2018

Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester all feature in the top 10 list of fastest places to sell a house. The three cities made up 9 out of 10 of the hottest postcodes for buyer demand in the most recent PropCast, which reports levels of buyer demand in the UK housing market.

Zoopla analysed the 50 biggest towns by number of listings to identify the average length of time it took properties listed for sale to go under offer.



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