065: Simon Zutshi is the founder of the Property Investors Network, author of Property Magic, and a hugely successful property investor and educator.



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Simon Zutshi Property Investors Network InterviewSimon is widely regarded as one of the top wealth creation strategists in the UK, and has been investing in property since 1995.

He is as well known, if not more so, for the thousands of successful property investors that have passed through the Property Investor’s Network, the largest property networking organisation in the UK that he started in 2003 and has been responsible for inspiring, educating and coaching generations of aspiring property professionals.

In 2008 he released his Amazon number 1 best selling book Property Magic, now in its 5th edition, and most recently in 2014 he launched his latest business, CrowdProperty.com, a peer to peer lending platform to facilitate loans between private individuals and property professionals.

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Investing Strategies

Simon is currently focussing on a few specific strategies. The first is ‘freehold to leasehold’ where he purchases freehold buildings (sometimes already split into multiple units but still on a single freehold) and splits the title into individual leases that can be sold on at significant profits.

He also loves multi-lets because of the high cash-flow they deliver. He is focussed on restructuring his portfolio to move more of his properties over to the multi-let/HMO model.

Biggest Success

When Simon started out, he was managing his properties himself as he was focussed on maximising his rental income, but what he realised was that the more time he spent managing his growing portfolio, the less time he spent buying properties which is where he was making the real money. He calls it the ‘Landlord Trap’ and talks about why changing his mindset from being a landlord to being an investor really helped him to scale up his investing.

On specific deals, he is working on splitting a large care home into affordable housing units (freehold to leasehold strategy). The building was purchased for £850,000 and needed a few hundred thousand pounds spent on it, but will net over £1,000,000 in profit. He gets half of this profit, despite not finding the deal or financing it with his own money – because of his reputation someone brought the deal to him and he simply orchestrated the development process.

Biggest Difficulty

The biggest mistakes Simon has made throughout his journey revolve around not doing enough research and due diligence. As an example, he bought a property in Spain that went up in value so he sold it and reinvested in another Spanish property, but he bought at a bad time and the property now sits empty costing him money every month.

The main lessons he has learned from his property investing journey are boiled down into 5 golden rules that he wrote about in Property Magic, but he discusses each of these lessons during the show as well.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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Think and Grow Rich! – Napoleon Hill

Property Magic 5th Edition – How to Buy Property Using Other People’s Time, Money and Experience – Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi’s Links & Resources

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JoinPIN.co.uk – Get free entry into your first PIN meeting as a guest of Simon’s
CrowdProperty.com – Discover more about Simon’s Property Crowd Funding Platform

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