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Why Sponsor Inside Property Investing?

As one of the top ranked business and investing podcasts in iTunes, we have a captive, engaged and very targeted audience in the property investing niche.

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We receive over 10,000 monthly downloads from aspiring and successful property investors and landlords looking to grow their businesses, improve their returns and make their lives easier.

Because the audience know, like and trust the host, when he recommends products and services they trust him and subsequently take action.



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Isn’t it Expensive?

Our rates are in line with industry standards for top ranked podcasts, which are actually very reasonable compared to other media formats.

As our audience grows quickly, so does the cost to sponsor each show, but our standard package is for 12 shows over a 2 month period and once you’re booked, you’re price is locked in at that level regardless of how much our audience grows by over those 2 months.


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The process is quick and simple, but our availability tend to fill up quickly with only 4 sponsorship slots available every 2 months.

To get details of our packages including our latest audience figures, full costings and available packages, contact us here and we’ll get back to you straight away.