010: Steve Evans on starting and scaling a business in property



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Steve EvansSteve Evans joins us on this week’s property podcast to discuss how he set-up and scaled his property business and the difference between being employed and being a business. 

It was around this time that he bought his first property, and has watched it increase in value from £34,000 to £360,000 over 30 years. With his pension plummeting, he decided to invest in his own personal development with property education and has since built a portfolio of property worth £1.3million pounds that generates almost £70,000 income per year.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Biggest Success

His biggest success is one of his simplest properties – a 2 up, 2 down that had been badly developed. He spent £12,000 removing the loft conversion and sorting out various other issues, and was able to get an increase in value by actually reducing floor space!

Biggest Difficulty

Going against his wife’s advice to buy a property they didn’t have the funds to spend on. They took advice from a local agent on the minimum work required, then struggled when the agent came back and had changed his mind on what was required to make it lettable. It didn’t help that this property was intended for the student market at the time a new student development was being built…

Steve’s Links & Resources

Your Financial Freedom in Sight: Property Investment to Bridge the Pension Gap – Steve’s own book on Amazon
Steve-Evans.org – Steve’s Personal Website & Blog

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