198: Stuart Lordan from Lord Panda Property tells us how he’s improving student property in Plymouth, and how he raised £250,000 in one month to fund his vision




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Stuart Lordan
I was delighted to be joined on the podcast by Stuart Lordan, a father of 4 kids all under 8-years-old, and an escapee from the corporate world after 20 years of working for advertising agencies and consultancies.

He’s currently aiming to grow a portfolio of 50 student rooms, and is already 60% of the way there including the purchases he’s currently got moving through conveyancing.

Outside of this achievement, he’s deservedly proud of the £250,000 he’s raised in the last month, to help him get the rest of the way there.

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Why Student HMOs?

As a first-time foray into property investing, following a mis-start with a residential development property, Stuart set his sights on the student market in Plymouth. He says that once he’d bought and refurbished one property there, he realised there was student demand for better accommodation.

With the need to develop a comfortable cash flow strategy, it was the next logical step to move into the area of HMOs. By bringing his properties up to a standard he would be happy to have his own children move into – including the installation of 100 Meg Broadband and 40-inch TVs – Stuart has been able to build a portfolio through aggressive expansion, under-pinned by his own personal values.

Branding Your Business

As a former marketer, it’s these values that Stuart has also been able to bring to his brand, which has gone some way to helping him to source personal investment for his business. His success in part comes from knowing the kind of ideals he wants his company to represent, and ensuring that his branding matches those values.

By creating a well-branded company, which effectively communicates his core tenets of trustworthiness, excellence, and transparency, Stuart has found that more investors are willing to build a relationship with him, than they perhaps would be if approached by an individual alone.

It’s this well-crafted brand, alongside Stuart’s own values, that has helped him to become so successful in securing personal investors.

Securing Investment

Alongside the brand, Stuart has managed to secure an impressive £250,000 worth of investment for his portfolio over the course of the last month. Although it may seem as though this is a quick turnaround, he says it is the product of many months of relationship-building.

Because of his commitment to working with other people in the industry, there are still potential investors Stuart has already met with over the preceding several months, that he’s still in touch with.

By continuing to build these relationships, Stuart has ensured that the groundwork is already sent for future investment operations. This is why he believes it’s important to put the work in, and ensure you’re building lasting professional contacts at all times. In his words, “there has to be purpose behind the coffees!”

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Stuart Lordan Links & Resources

To contact Stuart regarding his work as part of Lord Panda Property, you can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, or you can drop him an email.