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Susan AlexanderHaving started investing in property in 2003, Susan made the brave decision to take it on full time in 2007 after facing redundancy. She now has a multi million pound portfolio made up of single lets, multi lets, commercial property, land and lease options. We talk to her about this and more in this week’s property podcast.

Alongside her own portfolio, she owns a property management company that manages a large chunk of her own properties as well as those of many other landlords, she supports her partners psychotherapist business, and, as she is most passionate about, runs a property coaching and mentoring business to help others achieve their own goals and dreams.

Property has allowed Susan to buy her own Aston Martin, take as many holidays as she wants, and spend time with the people she loves, as well as the great honour of being my own property mentor!

What strategies do you focus on?

Susan talks about why she likes to focus on one strategy at a time, for at least 12 months. She is currently working on larger development projects, like 9 new build houses on the land of an old pub.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

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The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

Biggest Success

Being able to give up her day job. Listen to find out how Susan was able to do this successfully.

Biggest Failure

Joint Venture relationships breaking down when obstacles in property projects surface.

Susan’s Links/Resources

www.thepropertymentor.com – The Property Mentor Website, Resources, & Book Your Free 30 Minute Coaching Call
www.susanalexandercoaching.com – Susan Alexander’s Coaching Blog

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