Episode #398: Medical Dr Tom Rourke is Building a Portfolio of Large HMOs in a Challenging Article 4 Area


Today’s guest, Tom Rourke, is a member of the IPI Mastermind, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the past six months. 

I can’t take any credit for his past success, and this isn’t to brag about how we’ve been able to turn around his business overnight – it’s really just to say I’m thrilled to get to surround myself with people like Tom who have achieved what he has achieved in a relatively short space of time, and I’m hoping that this interview today will give you some idea, some inspiration, of what is possible in four or five years of dedicated investing, alongside a pretty busy and hectic career as well. 

And I love lots of things about what he’s done:

  • I love his approach to HMO investing,
  • not being scared of article four areas,
  • really embracing the idea of bigger is better and getting some phenomenal returns by looking at large HMO properties – up to 12 bedroom sizes (which a lot of people shy away from, but can be a real opportunity) 
  • I love his approach to how he’s funded his deals and using his corporate background and connections to really build a niche for what he does and build a reputation as the go-to guy for anyone else who is in that industry

And he’s really tapped into that and used that to his advantage, allowing him to raise capital to continue growing the portfolio. 

So I’m sure you will get a ton of insights and tips and hopefully a whack of inspiration from what he’s been able to achieve and the stories that he shares throughout today’s podcast.

Instagram: Medshare UK

LinkedIn: Tom Rourke

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