Our Favourite Tools for Managing Property Renovation Projects


I wanted to do something a little different today and share some insights into how we manage all of our property renovation, development and conversion projects using two project management tools that are ideal for property investors.

I see loads of questions about project management tools for renovations, and loads of different answers provided from the humble excel spreadsheet to corporate grade solutions like MS Project.

We’ve got 8 projects on the go at the moment and manage them all through two free apps, Asana and Instagantt, and since switching to this setup from our old solution it’s been amazing to see how much more effective we are.

Asana is a glorified to do list, and Instagantt is a really simple way to convert these lists into Gantt charts (basically a bar chart that makes project schedules easy to visualise and digest).

Both of these apps have free options that are more than sufficient for most investors and small teams, and both are ridiculously simple to use. It’s easier to show than tell though, so I put together this video running through the basics of how we use them for our property projects.

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