168: Spiralling budgets, permitted development applications, and our new team member! It’s all happening in our 14th monthly update.



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Victoria Stenhouse propertyToday I have the pleasure of introducing the newest team member to the Inside Property Investing family. Aside from that, I’ve got some tips on reducing business rates on commercial buildings, working with permitted development on retail properties, and preparing HMOs for every eventuality.

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Victoria Joins Team IPI

I’m delighted to announce that my wife Victoria left the corporate world behind at the end of February to join me full time, helping to grow the podcast and our own property portfolio. It’ll be an interesting transition as she definitely expects to be wearing the trousers but with her real focus on detail and amazing project management skills, her presence is only going to have a positive impact at IPI HQ.

To give her the best chance of success, she obviously needing an onboarding pack to help with her productivity, her education and her style!

onboarding pack

The Book That Changed Everything

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Reducing Business Rates on Your Commercial Property

Churchgate has ended up costing us significantly more than we expected due to business rates payable during a prolonged planning application. After months of arguing with the council, we finally made some progress with the VOA team who pointed us to a document outlining a way to zero-rate commercial property that’s ‘economically unviable’.

This is the document they sent us, and we’ll let you know how we get on with reclaiming some of the already paid rates.

Sourcing Through Auction

After purchasing Chestergate through auction just before Christmas, we thought this method was worth further exploration as we continue the hunt for a commercial conversion or development deal.

With that in mind, we subscribed to EIG (Essential Information Group) which so far seems to be like a fancy version of Rightmove specifically for auction sales. I’ll let you know how we get on with it and whether we think it’s worth the (relatively minimal) monthly cost.

Our Video Library is Growing

More and more of our content is either suited to video or at least improved by it, as we take a look around some of our investors best deals, interview industry experts and share advice and education to help with your own property investing. If you’re looking for more high quality video content on all matters property related than check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Join Our Mastermind

Our current mastermind group is really well established now after running since last summer. In addition to our weekly calls, we host face to face meetups every 6 months and the next one is on the horizon. If you’re looking to improve the quality of people you spend your time with then our mastermind group is a fantastic option with some hugely successful and inspiring people sharing their combined knowledge and inspiration to help you.

If you’ve got some experience under your belt and are ready to take your investing up a gear then check out everything about our Mastermind group here.

Links & Resources

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IPI Mastermind Group – Ready to step up your investing game? Join us now

Email Mike – If you’ve got a deal for our new series, feedback on the podcast or just looking for some general property advice then get in touch.

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